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Canadian Citizenship

In order for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to grant Canadian citizenship, you will need to make an application for citizenship and meet requirements that include the following.

  • You must be a permanent resident of Canada with no unfulfilled conditions relating to your status as a permanent resident;
  • You must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days (or 3 years) in the 5 years immediately before the date of your application;
  • You must meet your tax filing obligations under the Income Tax Act for 3 taxation years within the 5 years immediately before the date of your citizenship application;
  • You must have an adequate knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages;
  • You must demonstrate in one of Canada’s official languages that you have an adequate knowledge of Canada as well as with regard to the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship;
  • You must not be prohibited from the grant of citizenship under Section 22 of the Citizenship Act (pertaining to custodial sentences and related orders);
  • You must not be under a removal order from Canada; and
  • You must not be the subject of a declaration by the Governor in Council made under Section 20 of the Citizenship Act (concerning issues of security and criminal activity).

Persons who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces are given expedited access to citizenship in Canada.

Whereas applicants who served in the Canadian Armed Forces are exempt from meeting the physical presence requirement for the grant of citizenship, they must have completed 3 years of service with the Canadian Armed Forces in the 6 years immediately before the date of their application. If no longer serving, they must not have been released other than honourably from the Canadian Armed Forces.