Resident Return (Subclass 157) Visa

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Resident ReturnVisa (Subclass 157)

The Resident Return (Subclass 157) visa is intended for permanent residents or former citizens who have been physically presence in Australia for less than 2 years and who have not yet established substantial ties of benefit to Australia.

Applicants, who have held a permanent visa or citizenship in Australia in the last 5 years, but last left Australia as temporary visa holders, may also be eligible for a Resident Return (Subclass 157) visa.

Criteria for the grant of a Resident Return (Subclass 157) visa include a lawful presence in Australia as an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen for at least 1 day (but less than 2 years) in the last 5 years.

Applicants in Australia must show compelling and compassionate reasons for leaving Australia, whereas people applying from outside Australia are required to show compelling and compassionate reasons for their last departure from Australia.

Compelling and compassionate reasons may include death or unexpected severe illness of a family member, or involvement of the applicant in custody proceedings for their child.

The Resident Return (Subclass 157) visa is a multiple travel permanent visa, with a travel validity period of 3 months from the date the visa is granted.